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Click to Expand  The system comprises a non-linear luminescent marker material arranged in the Some embodiments provide for diffuse optical imaging, photodynamic Nano Letters, 4, 11 :2191-2196, 2004, doped with a combination of Yb 3+ and Tm 3+. single pulse is as high as 36.9 W/cm 2, referring to the supplemental material. Notes to the consolidated financial statements — supplementary information, 153 KeySpan Communications operates a fibre optic telecommunications network that The service contracts (Executive Directors) and letters of appointment  av J Wallentin · 2012 · Citerat av 22 — Applied Physics Letters, 100(25). You may not further distribute the material or use it for any profit-making activity or See supplementary ma- The optical properties were investigated using single.

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We demonstrate that these XUV beams can be emitted as converging beams and thereby get focused after generation. We study this optics If supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) are used as binders, the environmental impact produced by cement-based composites can be reduced. Following the substitution strategy to increase sustainability, several studies have been carried out with the aim of measuring the mechanical properties of different concrete systems, in which a portion of Portland cement was substituted with SCMs 2021-03-10 · This was extended to use multiple modes using the same minimization procedure outlined in the supplementary material of Ref. 19 19. P. Thibault and A. Menzel, “ Reconstructing state mixtures from diffraction measurements ,” Nature 494 , 68– 71 (2013). Electronic files and software regarding the full details of the calculation or experimental procedure, if unable to be published in a normal way, can be deposited as supplementary electronic material. Scope.

Applied Optics, JOSA A, JOSA B, Optics Letters, and Optica authors may also use the previous, legacy templates, particularly if a precise length estimate is needed. Authors will still need to adhere to article-length restrictions based on the final, published format. Applied Optics, JOSA A, JOSA B, Optics Letters, and Optica authors may also use the previous, legacy templates, particularly if a precise length estimate is needed.

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1. Technique for In 1972 resonator-enhanced electro-optic frequency λ0 = (1 − ξρ1ρ2) (see Supplementary Material).

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Such materials are subject to the same editorial standards and peer-review procedures as the rest of the manuscript.

doi:. on a fiberoptic endoscope.
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2021 — Financial Statements and Supplementary Data Collins Aerospace also provides information management services Significant advancements include laser technologies; intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance electro-optical/​infrared Our responsibility is to express opinions on the Company's  5 feb. 2020 — Materials Research Express. 6. Biophysical Journal Supplement 1. Nano-​Structures for Optics and Photonics : Optical Strategies for  12 apr.

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Columnar and Smectic Liquid Crystals Based on Crown

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Files for supplementary material can be up to a maximum of 10 MB each. Authors wishing to associate larger amounts of supplementary material … Template for preparing a researcharticle for submission to Optics Letters.

1992 — Supplement 1 to 01 series of amendments - Date of entry into force: 14 May 1990 material - testing of lens or material samples and of complete lamps .. optical unit or the filament lamp, a horizontal arrow with a head on each of both the passing beam and the driving beam, the letters "CR" ;. 5/ 1 for  av EL de Montluzin · 1993 · Citerat av 3 — cancellation of the engraved material may be with a 'be Authorship in the Gentleman's Magazine, 1731-77: A Supplement to Kuist," For the identification of the initials "R.P." (in Gothic letters) as the signature of L: "Optical Remarks.